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About Bert

Time-N-Pieces Antique Clocks is the continuation of a thirty-two-year fascination with clocks, beginning with my purchase of a ‘basket-case’ clock in the flea market in Seville Spain in late 1967. After the successful restoration of the case, which had five different, identifiable coats of paint hiding a beautiful rosewood veneer case and the repair of the movement, which involved the making of two parts which are still in that clock, the hobby took on a life of its own. In 1971 I was sponsored for membership in the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors by another clocksmith and I have been a member ever since.

During the following years, additional clocks, many considered lost causes by their former owners, were rescued from flea-markets, yard sales, and the back rooms of otherwise respectable antique shops throughout Spain and in many of the States where I have lived here in the good old USA.

As both my skills and my array of tools and parts expanded I was called upon by friends, neighbors, and colleagues to ‘have a look’ at the clocks that seemed to keep coming out of attics, basements, and barns. Many of them had not run in the owner's memory--they do now.

Having given up my day-job (retired) as a chemist turned program-manager after a bit more than thirty-two years of service, I am pleased to offer my services as a Clocksmith and as a dealer in antique clocks.

An array of pictures and descriptions of the clocks offered for sale by Time-N-Pieces can be seen by clicking on Clocks for Gallery. An overview of the clock repair services available at Time-N-Pieces can be found by clicking on Service & Repairs.


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Time-N-Pieces Antique & Vintage Clock Sales & Service

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