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Antique Clock Service & Repairs

At Time-N-Pieces Antique Clocks we offer quality clock repair service using modern methods, specialized equipment and quality parts for most weight and spring powered, pendulum controlled clocks. We service most types of mantel, shelf, wall and floor clocks including cuckoo and some electric clocks. We also service Westminster and other two or three tune chiming clocks. A free clock pick up and return service is offered to customers within a 30-mile radius of our shop. Standard [IRS business] mileage is charged for destinations beyond that distance. We also accept mail-order work if the customer pays shipping and insurance both ways. We are available most days by phone from 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM. The shop is open by appointment most days including weekends and many holidays .

Our inventory of replacement parts includes a selection of the most popular mainsprings, a vast assortment of bushings, a wide variety of suspension springs and pendulum hangers, as well as a variety of replacement pendulums and replacement keys--both single and double end. We also maintain a limited selection of round replacement glass--both convex and flat. In addition, we have active accounts with four major parts suppliers and have very good turn-around time on the receipt of parts not currently in inventory.

Our basic repair service begins with a free written estimate. Upon approval of the estimate, the movement is completely disassembled and cleaned using a modern ultrasonic cleaner The next step includes a thorough inspection for excessive pivot and pivot-hole wear, hidden damage, and an assessment of the mainsprings. Any costs over 10% of the original estimate are referred to the owner for approval prior to stating additional work or the ordering of parts. If no special repairs are needed, the movement is then reassembled, lubricated, adjusted and tested before being returned to its owner. This basic service is provided at a fixed, flat-rate which is a function of the clock type and the number of gear trains, e.g., time only, time and strike, or time, strike, and chime.

Our pricing policy for all repairs needed to correct for excessive wear, missing parts or other damage is to charge a fixed rate per repair type plus cost of required parts. However, the cost of full service for a ‘basket-case’ where someone else has taken the clock apart or attempted repair is based on time plus materials.

All work is guaranteed for one year, excluding mainsprings. There is NO guarantee on mainsprings--new or used.

Please call or send an email before sending clocks for estimate or repair.


For more information, send an email or call 410-257-6473

Time-N-Pieces Antique & Vintage Clock Sales & Service

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